Celebrities Who Have Struggled with Alcohol Addiction

He had gone to sleep in his car after a night of heavy drinking and suffered from acute alcohol poisoning. The ‘Sullivan’s Travels’ (1941) actress died in 1973 at the age of 50. The cause of her death was acute hepatitis and acute kidney injury.

Her massive net worth and beauty help her stand out from others and she has a cult following on social media. While Kim Kardashian West is successful that doesn’t mean she’s perfect. Morningside Recovery offers the full-spectrum of comprehensive addiction treatment in Orange County, CA. Take that first step on the road to recovery and make better choices, every day. Hopefully, Mac Miller’s death served as a warning to recreational users regarding illicit prescription drugs from untrusted sources.

Famous People Who Died of Alcoholism

He had close relationships with co-stars but went down a different path that involved addiction, binge drinking, and mental health issues. The issues began after a jet ski accident that happened in 1997. He became addicted to the pain medication Vicodin and abused it with alcohol. Pharrell Williams is an American producer who creates records, music, companies, and helps other artists gain fame. Williams has been famous for decades and gas spoke publicly about his struggles with addiction, drugs, social pressure, and even alcoholism.

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Macklemore started to struggle with addiction when he was only 15. The actor began to abuse alcohol until he was forced to enter rehab in 2008. While he has focused on remaining sober ever since, he’s admitted to relapsing with marijuana and sleeping pills. Macklemore’s story represents the dangers of relapse and how urges can persist for years after addiction treatment. Naomi Campbell is a British model who is known for her beauty and good health at over 50 years old. The model has been sober for years and attributes her sobriety to her good health.

Resources for treating alcoholism

He was later introduced to heavy metal music through his sister Mary, who was a fan of Black Sabbath. A few years later, after returning from an autobiography tour, she visited the doctor for stomach pains. She was subsequently diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and checked into the University of Vermont Medical Centre. Despite the doctor’s best efforts, she died of acute kidney injury and acute hepatitis on July 7, 1973.

celebrities who died of alcoholism

Hale is someone who is full of energy and is loving and caring, according to her friends and family. For Hale, that changed when she developed alcoholism and began abusing alcohol. Cooper spoke with GQ about the issue and how he overcame his alcoholism. For Cooper, he overcame the condition by passing and realizing it was starting. That moment of clarity allowed him to stop drinking with the help and support of his peers. Alcoholism is a condition that develops when someone becomes dependent on alcohol.

Writers Who Died Of Alcoholism

“[I took] Vicodin, Valium and Ambien, and toward the end, which caused my overdose, methadone,” he admitted. If I hadn’t finally taken the big step of asking for help 30 years ago, I’d be dead,” he wrote on Instagram in 2020 to commemorate three decades of sobriety. He added that he’s “much happier” without alcohol in his life. “Harry Potter” actor Daniel Radcliffe drank heavily as a teen to cope with his global stardom. Teigen’s sobriety journey was partially influenced by the fact that she had been canceled in 2021 over several allegations of cyberbullying.

  • Her debut album Frank was later released in the fall of 2003.
  • During his younger years, Efron struggled with alcoholism and heavy drinking.

The single That Woman’s Got Me Drinking featured the actor Johnny Depp on guitar. The third band was originally called Pogue Mahone, which in Gaelic means “kiss my arse”, a clear expression https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/10-celebrities-who-died-because-of-alcoholism/ of their Irish heritage and punk attitude. Fairytale of New York has subsequently re-entered the charts many times, and is frequently voted one of Britain’s favourite Christmas songs.

Click through this gallery to see which stars sadly died as a result of alcohol abuse. Take a look at this list and you’ll see the people who bit the big one because they couldn’t put down the bottle. By the time he was 13, he was using both marijuana and alcohol.

celebrities who died of alcoholism

Calvin Harris is an American music producer known for electric dance music (EDM). Calvin Harris was not open about his alcohol addiction until he held a Q&A with fans on the social media platform Twitter. https://ecosoberhouse.com/ On Twitter, Harris wrote that he suffered from alcoholism during his first few years as a DJ. The condition reached a point where he was drinking two bottles of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey each night.

These celebrities illustrate that alcohol is often used to self-medicate — to alleviate life’s stressors. Their honesty about their struggles are both heartbreaking and endearing. You may find some inspiration from celebrities who have publicly talked about these struggles. In 2015, he told the Mirror“It is my responsibility to do the best I can and to take it one day at a time. The scariest is when you go into a meeting and you’re like, ‘Where’s Steve?