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About – Keynotes Music Scholarship


“Where words fail, music speaks”

— Hans Christian Andersen

in memory of Fay S. Olmsted, established the Scholarship Fund in 1970. Mr. Olmsted was the President and Managing Director for twenty years. The original $900 donated by the Keynotes has grown steadily through investments, memorial tributes, benefit parties, and special gifts.

A minimum of $10,000 in scholarships will be available to students of exceptional musical talent when the auditions are held in May.  Students who apply for the awards must be under 26 years of age (under 30 for voice applicants) by June of the current year.  Cash awards will be given to the winners. 

Applicants must be full-time music majors currently enrolled in a music school or in the music department of a college or university.  Each student must also be enrolled as a full-time music major for the following year.  Graduating high school students are eligible if they have been accepted for admission and will enroll as a full-time music major in the fall of the current competition year.  The applicant must have maintained legal residence in Pennsylvania for one year immediately prior to the auditions.  They must also meet the other requirements concerning age and school status.  First place winners are ineligible to compete again.

Dr. Arlene Shrut has given four special awards totaling $1400 to the best accompanist at the auditions. Contributions in memory of Elsie Ferrall have reached $10,000, and these monies are being used to enhance the 1st place scholarship.

Keynotes Officers

PresidentPaula Bongiorno
Vice PresidentLiz Kanche
Recording SecretaryPat Romano
Assistant Recording SecretaryMary Hagan
Corresponding SecretaryMarlene Wohleber
Assistant Corresponding SecretaryRose Liptak
Treasurer/Scholarship TreasurerLynda Hagan

Board of Directors

Martha Kalina

Toni Kvederis

Ginnie McKown

Betty Ruh

Deanna Porter

Dottie Wagner

Carol Walton

Lori Walters